“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day." -Jim Rohn 

Your Daily Habits will either make you a better agent or make you a worse agent  AND they will determine whether you get closer to who you want to be.

If you want to make more money, get in better shape, spend more time with family, you need to Set Specific Actionable goals. Each Habit you create should help you reach a milestone to get you to each of those goals.

Do Your Habits IMPROVE the System(s) that will Lead you to your Goal?

We need to focus on creating Habits that will be part of the system/process you intend to implement into your business/life. By creating incremental improvements on these habits each day it will get you closer to the goals you want to achieve in the future.  

Let me repeat that…Create habits that will be part of the system/process you need to implement, to help you Master your Craft and achieve those goals you want in the future. 

How Systems/Processes will lead you to those results? 

Systems vs. Goals: The difference between Systems and Goals is that Goals are about the results you want to achieve, and Systems are about the processes that lead to those results (Your Habits). 

Your results have very little to do with the goals you set and everything to do with the systems you followed to try and meet those goals.

Lets take a look at some goals from a fellow agent...

Top 3 Goals - Close 24 deals each year, $10MM in production and $225K in GCI  

Those are great goals but how are you going to get there...what questions do you need to answer... what activities do you need to track...

What Daily/Weekly Habits do you need to create so that you will have a process designed to reach that Goal? 

Data Points to Track...

  • 2 Deals per month / 6 Deals per Quarter
  • AVG $18,750 in GCI per month /AVG $56,250 per Quarter
  • Sales Volume $833,000 per month / 2 - $416K per month / $2.5M per Quarter

Is that going to be 12 Sellers & 12 Buyers / 6 Sellers & 18 Buyers? 

Where are those Buyers & Sellers Coming from? 

New leads, Old Leads, Past Clients, SOI, Open Houses, Referrals, Door Knocking

Other Questions and Metrics to Track...

How many attempts will it take to get a Connection? (26 is the average today)

How many attempts/connections will it take to get an Appointment? 

How many appointments will get you a contract? 

How many contracts will lead to closing/commission? 

How many calls, text messages, emails, and video text messages to get a contact/appointment/Contract/Closing? 

What is your conversion rate on the leads you are generating? 

How are you organizing your leads & follow up?

When are you inputting notes in your CRM?

Think about.. How many "lead source" do I need to "Task" each day to get the number of connections needed…to get the number of appointments you need…to get the number of contracts you need to...make the # of Deals, Sales Volume & the Commission you set as your goal?  (Estimate now then track & adjust your numbers over time.)

Why Do People Fail? 

Most people fail at this because it is so easy to lose patients and start focusing on all the other activities you like to do. You know the ones that make you feel good, that get you the result you want faster and make you happy and feel successful. Too often we are scared to focus on what pushes us and makes us feel uncomfortable. 

In the beginning, let's focus on a habit that leads to the end result Habit. Ask yourself what is a habit that can trigger another habit to be completed?

Goal: Run a Half Marathon/Marathon

Sample Habit(s):

  1. Lay out your running gear and shoes the night before
  2. Go to bed by 10pm
  3. Get up in the morning at 5:30am
  4. Put on Running Gear and Shoes By 5:45am
  5. Walk out the door at 6am to Run for 15 mins..30 mins...45 mins / 1 Mile..3 Miles..5 Miles... 
  6. Run a 3K, 5K, 10K, Half Marathon...
  7. Run a Marathon

You have a Choice Management Problem

In our weekly Next Level Movement Mastermind we discussed how we don’t have a time management problem but we have a choice management problem and waste so much time focusing on non-money making activities or activities that get us further away from where we want to be. You need to be able to check yourself and Tell yourself…NO that doesn't help me get to my goals.. that task/event will not help me be successful. 

The activities/habits you conduct each day should only be focused around what will lead you to the goals. These habits can be things you need to do more of but also things that you need to eliminate from your life. 

You need to ask yourself...Will this activity get me more contacts, more appointments, more contracts, more commission and will these activities or habits I am choosing to conduct each day help me become the type of real estate agent I want to be or does it identify with the person I want to become? 

"Iron Sharpens Iron.."

You can do this alone but having support when you are creating new habits can have its benefits. One thing to think about is joining a culture where the habits you want to have are the normal way of community life.

"Group attitudes and norms are ‘contagious.’ We are unconsciously influenced by the attitudes and behaviors of those around us." 

Your Identity becomes linked to those around you… WE Role Play every week, We make Outbound calls every day,  We do Open Houses on the weekend. We show up to meetings...We Collaborate with others...We Contribute.. We Show UP!!

OR They don't do those things!!

Reach out to your Broker, Team leader, Mentor, or another Agent you trust, meet with them for a coffee to discuss your plan, and ask them to be your accountability partner. I would bet you that they would be honored to help you and probably could use the accountability themselves!

How to Design a Habit Tracker

No matter how you create the Habit Tracker the main reason to have it is that it will provide immediate evidence that you completed the habit. It is a signal that you made the progress you wanted that day/week /month/year. It is extremely motivating to visually see this progress each day and I can tell from experiance it will help you maintain your streak.

  • Use a spreadsheet/google sheet
  • Use a Journal with the habits written out and mark off each day
  • Download an APP to track the Habits
  • Write them on a Whiteboard in your office
  • Write them on a Piece of paper taped to your mirror, your fridge. 


For every day you completed that Habit Check it off with an X or a Check mark. Maybe use a Gold Star/ Smiley face/Sad Face if you didn’t complete it.

Types of Habits to Create: 

  • Business Activities
  • Health/Fitness 
  • Nutrition 
  • Morning/Nighttime Routines
  • Personal Development
  • Strengthen Family/Friend Relationships
  • Things you want to Eliminate from your LIFE

Make sure it is Specific, Detailed and Measurable….

  • I will contact 5 SOI’s/Past Clients from my Database every day Mon-FRI
  • I will Door Knock 35 Doors 3X’s per week
  • I will work out 5 Days each week. 
  • I will journal every morning before 9am 7 days a week
  • I will meditate for 30 minutes every morning before 9am 5 days a week
  • I will text my family members a minimum of 1X per week. 
  • I will read 5 Pages each day 7 days a week. 
  • I will be in bed every night by 9:30pm 

I hope you find this helpful and will always be available to discuss and dive in deeper. We can all use more accountability including me. Let's grab a coffee sometime! 


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"Atomic Habits" (James Clear) - https://jamesclear.com/atomic-habits

Jon Cheplak, Cheplak Live, Cheplak Select Coaching https://cheplaklive.com

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