5 Ways You Can Secure Your Home

Your home is your safe haven – the place where you craft cherished memories alongside your beloved ones. Naturally, you wanna keep your special spot and everyone in it safe and secure, so here are a few tips you can use to keep your home safe.

Check all the door and window locks in your house

Give your place a quick once-over by checking all the locks on doors and windows. Before you start shopping for expensive home security gadgets, let's cover the basics. Walk through your house and make sure every door and window lock is doing its job. If something seems off, it might be time to swap out those locks. If you're all about budget-friendly hacks, you can grab some dowel rods from the local hardware store. Stick these in your windows and sliding doors – even if a lock isn't at its best, these rods can stop intruders in their tracks. Not feeling the dowel rod idea? No biggie. You can snag some wallet-friendly window locks that work like a charm.

Install exterior surveillance cameras

According to numerous studies, most burglars have revealed that signs of enhanced security, like having exterior cameras, would discourage them from selecting a particular house to target. With the recent surge in home security technology, setting up outdoor cameras has become incredibly convenient. Check out these camera options from reputable brands such as Google, Ring, and Arlo. Plus, overseeing your home surveillance has become a breeze due to app-based security systems. All of the mentioned products enable you to monitor camera footage and control everything directly from your smartphone.

Install outdoor motion sensor lights

While they might not offer the same level of security as video cameras, motion sensor lights still represent a cost-effective method to deter potential burglars and to promptly notify you or neighbors of any suspicious activity in the vicinity of your home. Their installation is relatively straightforward, and these lights can be acquired for as little as $20 from hardware stores. Explore the options available at reputable retailers like Best Buy, Home Depot, and Amazon for a comprehensive selection.

Move your spare key to a lockbox

The efficacy of the hide-a-key rock is quite limited, especially when it comes to outsmarting potential burglars. However, a better solution is available. For a mere $15 price tag, you can buy and set up a wall-mounted key safe. This secure device enables you to regain entry to your home in the event of a lockout, all the while maintaining the integrity of your security. 

Take steps to protect all of your smart home devices

Doorbell cameras, security systems, and other smart devices are great home defenders, however, they can also be like an open door for hackers if you're not careful. Be sure to lock down your Wi-Fi and make sure each gadget gets its own strong password – no sharing allowed!

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